Traditional craft, natural materials, untraditional processing. Textile garage.

I mostly deal with hand weaving. Using traditionally spun or modernly dyed yarns, I make scarves, shawls and plaids for everyday wear and interiors. Occasionally I get my hand on a handspun skein from a local sheep breeder or an independent spinner. Sometimes I use old textiles and upcycle them into pillows, bags and other accessories. I am discovering secrets of tapestry and other types of weaving. 

When the weather is favourable, I expose cyanotypes on textiles – photograms of plants, old lace and everyday items exposed by the sun. Textile garage products are not offered regularly.

My stuff can be found at several shops in Czech Republic, and at least once a few months I try to be seen on a market: here is a regularly updated a list of places where my pieces ar sold.


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