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Clothes are very personal thing to me. They are not just about suppressing or highlighting different aspects of my body shape, or tuning the colors. I want quality materials that will last for years. I want to know that no one has suffered or gone hungry for my sake. I want carefully harvested, processed and dyed textiles from natural fibres. I want to feel comfortable, no matter what I do at the moment. And I want to have a personal style, unshaken by every fashion craze.

And from the beginning, it was clear to me that my brand must also meet these conditions. What I want for myself, I would like to offer to my customers too – clear conscience whenbuying,the joy of discovering a propper style and color combinations, a n everyday good feeling.

Since childhood I have tried different textile crafts and techniques. Eventually and for the moment, the weaving won. It allows me to think of the fabric from the individual fibers to the final finish, whether it is to serve separately as a scarf or plaid, or to be further cut and stitched into a garment or home accessory.

My name is Anna Batistová. And with the family name creating an alusion to batiste fabric, as well as obsession with sewing, embroidery and kntting, it should have been clear to me what my calling is. Still, I first went through the study of humanities, work in higher education, in a memory institution, and as a project manager. Thanks to that, I left my home town Kutná Hora’s for Brno and then to Prague, travelled Europe, and met some wonderful people and saw beautiful places. And most importantly, I had time to think about who I am and what I want. Today I know I’m weaver and I want to live in a country house. I moved to a small village, Kluky near Kutná Hora, where I gradually put together not only my weaving workshop, but also vegetable garden and apple orchard.

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Information for doing business with me:
Billing address: Anna Batistová, Benešova 468/6, 284 01 Kutná Hora
Contact address: Anna Batistová, Kluky 80, 285 45 Kluky
anna@annine.cz, +420 723 534 441
Business ID: 05189039, VAT (for Czech Republic only): CZ8151010835

Due to the character of my business and overall annual turnover, I am currently excempted from VAT in Czech Republic. 



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